Some Dos and Don’ts when you have an auto accident

  • Do NOT admit liability
  • Take photographs before vehicle(s) are moved
  • Take insurance and other details of the third party
  • Report to the nearest police station in cases of theft, third party property damage, bodily injury or death.
  • Take the vehicle(s) to a reputable automobile repair shop to obtain an estimate.

*In the event of an emergency in Lagos, please call these Lagos state emergency numbers:
Police: 767
Ambulance: 112
Fire service: 01-6584712,7280500,7280501-3

To get hold of us, choose from any of the easy options below:

Call our hotline: 0803 702 4657 or 0902 270 3093


Send an email to


Walk into any of our offices/customer experience centres

Complete the claim form and attach all the required documents.
These could include repair estimates; pictures of damaged car/property;
a police report (in case of death); and any other documents we might request.

Downloads: General Claim Form / Life Claim Form

Download a claim form, fill it in then return it to us by e-mail at

Once we have verified your claim, we will process and hasten your payment.
Contact us now if you have any further questions.