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Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which the property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and the final destination. Cargo insurance is the sub-branch of marine insurance, though Marine insurance also includes Onshore and Offshore exposed property, (container terminals, ports, oil platforms, pipelines), Hull, Marine Casualty, and Marine Liability.

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We provide astute advice and unique market insights to clients so they are fully appraised of their risks and help them by designing strategically on-point insurance programmes to manage these risks. We take pride in investing time in our client relationships many of which are long-standing – a testament to the quality and consistency of our service.

With priority access to highly specialised products, not widely available elsewhere, we work in partnership with A-rated insurers to deliver comprehensive and superior insurances that are cost-effective.

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